Amie Tannenbaum

Natural Light Photography - THROUGH A GLASS BRIGHTLY

Artist's Statement

In this digital age of photo imaging and post-camera processing, Amie Tannenbaum is one a dying breed of photographers who faithfully practices in-camera mastery by creating and composing her photographic work inside the camera rather than relegating it to a computer software program for manipulation after pressing the shutter. To make matters worse, she still prefers to capture her images on color slide film (as long as she is able to get it) and, to add insult to injury, insists on using only natural light.

The combination of Amie's mastery of extreme macro/close-up photographic techniques and her good fortune to work inside a truly one-of-a-kind studio completely surrounded by unique stained glass windows has given rise to what she has called her "bodacious color impressions" and "stellar abstracts". These images, which capture vivid colorations and spectacular textures, are created when sunlight, shining through the stained glass and reflecting on or through glass objects (or other photographic subjects), illuminates and magically transforms them.

As an active member of the Northern Virginia Photographic Society, the League of Reston Artists, and the Adams County Arts Council (PA), Amie regularly participates in Fine Art photography shows, competitions and exhibits in the MD/DC/VA area. Many of her works have been juried into regional photography shows and others accepted into international photographic salons and expositions. Several of her images can be found in permanent/private collections around the tri-state area.

For more detailed information about her images, or to contact the photographer, email: or write: P.O.Box 234, Catharpin, VA 20143.

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